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Greek Designers


Byzantine jewelry becomes timeless, meeting modern Greece, with designs that every customer represents around the world. Precious and semiprecious stones, enamel and mineral crystals coated with 925 silver, which rightfully won the first prize -global- in Greece and were selected by many celebrities around the world.
30 years of creation with handmade designs and plenty of colors that continues the tradition in the field of Greek jewelry


we are combining traditional craft methods with the most modern ones, creating classic jewels inspired by the past but crafted for the future. Our 60 year old studio, in the heart of the center of Athens, in Monastiraki, overflowing with my father’s accumulated experience, and my fresh mindset, acquired an online sister, giving us the opportunity to create unique jewels without borders.


Welcome to Nikos Fanourakis jewellery. It all begun in 1975 and after two generations of jewellery makers the constant development & education has placed our company among the best in the field of jewellery wholesale & diamond sales. Since 1983 the company deals solely with the production & sale of high aesthetics quality jewels & diamonds. In 2000, Nikos Fanourakis, son of Andreas takes charge of the company adding new dynamics & many participations in worldwide exhibitions, cooperation with foreign companies & new collections of jewellery.


Apostolos jewellery is Greek based workshop with international clientele. the dark silver jewellery with fused bright 18k gold and precious stores an produced exclusively in house.
Combining sheer craftmanship with remarkable aesthetik.
The aim is to give the customer a wearable fine piece of jewellery with a pleased handmade feel and uniqe contemporary design.


Eleftheriou Jewelry was established in 1971 in Athens, Greece. For more than four decades Eleftheriou Jewelry maintains a strong presence in the field of handmade fine jewelry. Kostas Eleftheriou, founder and creator, being inspired by the Ancient Greek art and the Byzantine period, won a place in the long history of Greek jewelry. With a page dedicated to his outstanding work in the special edition, “The Greek Jewels: 5000 Years of Tradition” published by the Greek Ministry of Culture, and with customers like Abba, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Princess Soraya and Omar Sharif, the Eleftheriou collections acquired an international reputation quite early.

Greek Designers

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