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Code:B 133Material: Sterling SilverPlating: 22K goldWeight: 12.5grDiameter: 1.8cm..
Material: Sterling SilverPlating: 22K goldWeight: 18.0grDiameter: 1.8cm..
Code: D 133Material: Sterling SilverPlating: 22K goldWeight: 13.0grDiameter: 1.8cm..
Code: B11Material: Sterling SilverPlating: 22K goldWeight: 15grWidth: 3.2cm..
Bracelet made of tiger eye mineral stones. It takes its name from a translucent variety of quartz characterized by a linear iridescence, which looks like a moving silky glow.Framed with silver balls with intricate designs and tiger eye mineral stones with the signature Dimitrios ExclusiveM..
In the JASMINE collection you will find the series with the tiger's eye mineral stones. The tiger's eye is a quartz mineral that gives positive energy and well-being. It attracts luck as it is considered the stone of luck and wealth but also abundance in any form.This bracelet consists of four t..
What is this unique piece of jewelry that Cleopatra did not hesitate to swallow ostentatiously in front of the eyes of her astonished courtyard in order to prove her extreme and unreal character? The pearl.The inspiration for the Cleopatra collection was born from the cult of the queen in pearls..
Queen Elizabeth I remains the most historic pearl lover and the only person to have identified herself so much with a single gem. Virgin Queen's devotion and identification with pearls is made clear by the fact that she owned 3,000 evening gowns, all adorned with real pearls.Every self-respectin..
The ancient origin of the word pearl, which has been attributed to this beautiful organic matter, justifies both the historical charm that this jewel has exerted on man and its direct connection with various healing properties.In ancient Greece, the pearl was dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess ..
Jewelry was and is an art form that evolved especially in the twentieth century, and like any kind of art, it was and continues to be influenced by fashion trends. Jewelry, apart from being the main economic component of our society, causes in itself an irresistible attraction especially to the fema..
Product code:B334 Weight:112.00kg Dimensions:0.00cm x 3.10cm x 0.00cm..
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